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  • 01. Is it possible to scale up and upgrade as the business grows?
    Yes it is possible. Based on business size, clients can choose the modules and features, as they grow they can add other features and modules anytime.
  • 02. What is the difference between On Premises and Cloud?
    It is like an own house and a rented house. On Premise, clients invest in the server as per the capacity required for them. Client manages and maintains the same. In the case of Cloud, it is a common server space and clients are given the rights to access the space as per the requirement and budget. Clients have a choice to move from one service provider to another anytime. Clients pay based on usage.
  • 03. How long will it take to implement?
    GB HERMES Edge will take max 7 days and the other module depends on how quickly various business rules and data can be shared. If it is a large organisation, it is suggested one mock payroll run and one parallel run along with existing practice to check and verify it is tallied and thus it takes max 2 months.
  • 04. What is the commercial or how is it priced?
    GB HERMES Edge upto 20 employees Rs.2000 per month. GB HERMES Excel and Epic depends on employee number, modules selected, customisation or unique features if any.